Sludgesicle Records

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Blanchester, OH 45107 USA

Esion Industries

EI-01 Esion - For The Shit Hits The Fans 1.5" Vinyl (limited to 48)


In the works at Sludgesicle Records.....

SSR101 Drunk John Lennon - Mongoloid 7"

SSR102 Gorgonized Dorks 7"

SSR103 Extreme Hair Stench/Parrazyde Split Cassette

SSR104 Captain 3 Leg - Shattered Limbs Braided Into the Spokes of the Death Machine 1995-2004 Pro-CDr (Limited to 100, Re-Release of the CD originally released by Mortville Records)

SSR105 OhighO volume 4 Compilation Cassette






The first 100 releases (2008-2013):

SSR001 Noise & Grind From The Behind c60 ft. Weluvpot, Shitass, Morality Declined, and JCVD (10 green, 10 pink, 10 blue, 10 orange, 10 yellow and 50 white, hand numbered.) Released:  SOLD OUT

SSR002 Disorganoized Terror c60 ft. THC Eradicus, Causa Mortis, Anal Buffet, and The Negro Spirituals (100 white, includes an infection causing bandaid, hand numbered) Released:  SOLD OUT

SSR003 Greencore Compilation c60 (50 marble green, 100 bright green) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR004 Deche-Charge/Weluvpot Split c60 (100 bright green) Released:  SOLD OUT

SSR005 Gorgonized Dorks - Sinister Audio Destruction Machine c60 (limited to 50) Released:  SOLD OUT

SSR006 Fecal Slaughter/Shitass Split c60 (84 orange, hand numbered) Released: 04/01/08 SOLD OUT

SSR007 Weluvpot - X-Mas Catastrophy Extended... c60 (50 green, 50 red, hand numbered) Released: 04/01/08 SOLD OUT

SSR008 S is for Sludgesicle 4-way ft. Inhumate, Gorgonized Dorks, Asyntax?, and Nonsense (100 white, hand numbered) Released:  SOLD OUT

SSR009 OhighO 4-way c60 ft. Doktor Bitch, Fascist Insect, Finger Death Party, and Rectal Twat (100 in 5 pastel colors) Released:  SOLD OUT

SSR010 Cauliflower Ass & Bob/Slopcake Split c60 (100 White, 25 Green) Released: 05/14/08 SOLD OUT

SSR011 The Lettuce Vultures/SeanJohn Deegan Split c60 (50 pink, 50 orange) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR012 Gorgonized Dorks/Iron Butter/Butyric Fermentation/Esion Split c60 (100 white, 50 orange with additional art) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR013 Lilin - Aeon of Scorn Cassette Released:

SSR014 The Negro Spirituals/ScheissKopf/Esion Split c60 (25 green, 35 orange, hand numbered) Released: 05/14/08 SOLD OUT

SSR015 Sloth - Nature's Children 1-Sided c60 (150 notarized by the state of Ohio, colored insert) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR016 Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium/Sonic Disorder Split Tape (limited to 60) Released: 2-27-11 SOLD OUT

SSR017 Poopy Necroponde - Burlap Pro-CDr (Co-Release with 100% Zero Records, Reality Impaired Records, and Wheelchair Full of Old Men **not sure how many were made**) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR018 OhighO Vol. 2 Compilation c60 Released: SOLD OUT

SSR019 12 Pairs of Hands: 12-way Solo Noise c60 ft Menso Noise, Humanextermination Project, Esion, Happy Fun Bonko Slut, Butyric Fermentation, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, THC Eradicus, Extreme Hair Stench, Takashi Ohkawa, Krosot, Sonic Disorder, and Rectal Twat (100 on 4 pastel colors) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR020 Slopcake/Mark Sonnenfeld Split c60 (limited to 75, DIY labels by both artists) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR021 Bombing Bush Compilation/9YearOldMudFlesh Split c60 (limited to 100) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR022 Dingus/Weluvpot Split Pro-CDr (limited to 200, hand numbered) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR023 12-way Noise Split c60 ft. Gorgonized Dorks, ihavenoclue?, Deche-Charge, TxQxBx, Crevez, 7 Minutes of Nausea, CSMD, Bestial Vomit, Rectal Twat, Hoehenkontrolle, Extreme Smoke 57, and Morality Declined (limited to 222 copies, first 72 were either green, red, blue, or yellow) Released: SOLD OUT 

SSR024 10-way Grind Split c60 ft. Slapendehonden, Finger Death Party, Deep Fried Embryo, Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium, Psychotic Sufferance, Yacopsae, Rectal Twat, Gorgonized Dorks, SMG and Fascist Insect Released: 4/20/11 SOLD OUT

SSR025 Sockeye - Beefing Ting Ting EP 7" (limited to 300, 3 different colors with different 3 covers) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR026 Gorgonized Dorks/Cauliflower Ass & Bob Split c60 (limited to 69) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR027 Slapendehonden/Tinner Split 7" EP (co-release with Plan Bean and many others, 300 pressed) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR028 Sloth/Weluvpot Split 7" EP (co-released with 100% Zero, Shifty, and At War With False Noise. limited to 300 -200 black, 100 sewage green) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR029 Al Qaeda - Devenez Heureux c60 (limited to 72 in 4 pastel colors) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR030 Sloth - La Policia c30 (limited to 300 -100 prison style, 200 yellow) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR031 Food For Thought: The Best? of Food Fortunata c60 (limited to 100, hand numbered) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR032 Gorgonized Dorks/Morality Declined/Finger Death Party/TxQxBx Split c26 (limited to 50) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR033 Weluvpot - Full Onion Vol. 1 c90 (limited to50) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR034T Paully and the Crackers - First Demo 1-Sided c60 (limited to 50) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR034C Paully and the Crackers - First Demo CDr (limited to 50) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR035 Rectal Twat/Zombie Raiders Split c26 (limited to 25) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR036 OhighO Volume 3 Split c60 ft. MDFL, Fascist Insect, Rectal Twat, Esion, Krang, Nut Screamer, & Fun With Dead Things. (limited to 133) Released:

SSR037 Finger Death Party/Rectal Machete Split CDr (limited to 50) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR038 Gorgonized Dorks/Paully and the Crackers Split c26 (limited to 25) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR039 Fistula - Northern Aggression c20 Released:

SSR040 Drunk John Lennon - Attack Dog EP Cassette Released:

SSR041 Recycle #1: Earth Incubator/RedSK/Teh Soup Rebellion Split Cassette (limited to 20) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR042 Recycle #2: Finger Death Party/RedSK Split Cassette (limited to 20) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR043 Recycle #3: Rectal Twat/50 Ways To Kill Me Split Cassette (limited to 20) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR044 Too Short To Handle Compilation 7" (co-released with many, 5 colors, 500 pressed?) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR045 Gorgonized Dorks/Finger Death Party/Esion Split CDr (limited to 40) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR046 The Brazil Scene Compilation c60 (noise/grind, 100 made -50 white, 50 Brazilian blue, green or yellow) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR047 Recycle #4: Esion/Bloated Intestines Boiled In Lard/The Dick Squatters/Extreme Smoke 57/The Shock Technician/Mauskopf Split Cassette (limited to 20) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR048 Recycle #5: Shitass/Finger Death Party/TxQxB/Mind Ripper Split Cassette (limited to 20) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR049 Recycle #6: Sexterminator 69/Bukkake Violence Kommando Split Cassette (limited to 20, color insert) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR050 Box of Noises 4-Cassette Box Set ft. The Lettuce Vultures, Menso Noise, TxQxB, Takashi Ohkawa, Crevez, Esion, THC Eradicus, Gorgonized Dorks, Food Fortunata, and Katz Seki (limited to 32, hand numbered, came in a labeled box) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR051 Rectal Madness!!! - Rectal Twat/Rectal Machete Split c60 (limited to 35) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR052  50 Ways To Kill Me - 50 More Ways To Die For Satan Cassette (re-release of the original independantly released cdr, limited to 150 -50 orange, 100 white- hand numbered) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR053 Recycle #7: Disleksick/Esion/Hypnoalergenic Dongblossom/Finger Death Party/7 Seconds of Coitus/Happy Fun Bonko Slut Split Cassette (limited to 20) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR054 Recycle #8: Finger Death Party - 11/23/09 Rehearsal Cassette (limited to 18) Released: 11/25/10 SOLD OUT

SSR055 Recycle #9: Esion - Recycle Cassette (limited to 20) Released: 11/25/10 SOLD OUT

SSR056 50 ways To Kill Me/Drunk John Lennon Split c40 (limited to 50 in 4 bright colors) Released: 11/25/10 SOLD OUT (within 2 weeks of release!!!)

SSR057 The Black Stripes - Live @ Dirty Jack's 9-25-09 c60 (limited to 75) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR058 Deche-Charge/Esion Split c20 (limited to 50) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR059 Recycle #10: Finger Death Party/Goat Knuckle/Esion Split Cassette (limited to 20) Released: 11/25/10 SOLD OUT

SSR060 Gorgonized Dorks/Humanextermination Project Split CDr (limited to 40 cdrs and 40 tapes - both come with a poster) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR061 Morte Lenta/IWGYC/Deche-Charge/Fun With Dead Things 4-Way Split Cassette (co-released with Denti Podi, Brazil) Released:

SSR062 Slapendehonden/Finger Death Party Split 7" EP (co-released with many, limited to 500 random colors) Released: 8-1-13

SSR063 Kusari Gama Kill/Gorgonized Dorks/Esion/Pistachio Nuts/Poop Tooth/Handjob Split c60 (limited to 63) Released: 11/25/10 SOLD OUT

SSR064 Poopy's 40th Birthday Live DVDr (limited to 100) Released: 2-27-11 SOLD OUT

SSR065 Sludgesicle T-Shirt and LightScribe CDr Pack (limited to 20, hand numbered) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR066 God That's Fucking Horrible Compilation Cassette Reelased:

SSR067 Esion/Second Thought Split c60 (limited to 33, hand numbered, slipcase) Released: 11/25/10 SOLD OUT

SSR068 Finger Death Party/RedSK 2-splits, 1 tape +Bonus Tracks c60 (limited to 25) Released: 11/25/10 SOLD OUT

SSR069 The Brown Noise: A Tribute To Ween Promotional Cassette (limited to 50) Released: 11/25/10 SOLD OUT

SSR070 Recycle #11: Anomally In Effigy/Headless Kamikaze/Weluvpot/Paully and the Crackers Split Cassette Released: SOLD OUT

SSR071 Recycle #12: ihavenoclue?/Biological Species Concept/Paully and the Crackers/((((o))))/Finger Death Party Split Cassette Released: SOLD OUT

SSR072 Recycle #13: Esion/THC Eradcus/Bucket of Piss/Slapendehonden/The Negro Spiritual/ScheissKopf/Fecal Slaughter Split Cassette Released: SOLD OUT

SSR073 Slaughtergrave/Anus Tumor Split Cassette Released: SOLD OUT

SSR074 Cauliflower Ass & Bob/Esion Split (CDr on Wheelchair Full Of Old Men, Cassette on Sludgesicle) Released: 9-21-11 SOLD OUT

SSR075 A Retarded 3-Way: The Happy Bunnys/SGT Slaughter/The Manure Thieves Split c60 Released: SOLD OUT

SSR076 Sockeye - Red Salmon Pro-CDr (limited to 150, includes lyric sheet) Released: 2-28-12

SSR077 Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium/Cauliflower Ass & Bob Split 1-Sided c57 Released: 

SSR078 Seasonal Men's Wear/Cauliflower Ass & Bob Split Released: 2-28-12 SOLD OUT

SSR079 Esion/Bucket Of Piss Split Cassette (says SSR098 on insert) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR080 Recycle #14: Esion/Bucket Of Piss/Menso Noiseman/Fun With Dead Things Released: 8-24-11 SOLD OUT

SSR081 Recycle #15: Fun With Dead Things/Esion Released: 8-24-11 SOLD OUT

SSR082 6-Way Noise Shit Cassette ft. Fun With Dead Things, Fatal Position, Anal Firth, Disleksick, Gifilte Fist, and Vomiting Shit (limited) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR083 6-Way Split CDr of Evil ft. Osteonecrosis, Gorgonized Dorks, Fascist Insect, Deep Fried Embryo, Fun With Dead Things, and Psychotic Sufferance (limited to 300) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR084 Fun With Dead Things/SuperStarSixtySeven (SS67) Split CDr (limited to 40) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR085 Aluxes/Wwo/Fun With Dead Things/Esion/Mist 5-way CDr Released: SOLD OUT

SSR086 Fun With Dead Things - Not All That Glitters Is Gold EP Cassette Released: SOLD OUT

SSR087 Fun With Dead Things - Ice Beer 2-CDr Released: SOLD OUT

SSR088 Finger Death Party/Frank Goshit/Fun With Dead Things/Rectal Twat 4-Way CDr Released: SOLD OUT

SSR089 Weluvpot - Full Onion Volume 3 Cassette (limited to 40) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR090 50 Ways To Kill Me - Fun Funeral Remastered + Bonus Material Cassette Released: SOLD OUT

SSR091 Esion/Bucket Of Piss/THC Eradicus/Finger Death Party/Gorgonized Dorks/Fun With Dead Things 6-way Split Cassette Released: SOLD OUT

SSR092 GG Allin/Anal Cunt Split Live Bootleg (co-released with Trichome Noise Records) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR093 Fun With Dead Things - Mrs Cat EP (limited to 25) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR094 Guerilla Toss - GT1/That's the Kind of Sugar Papa Likes c60 Released: 2-28-12

SSR095 Ted Dibiase and The Million Dollar Punk Band - First EP (red cassettes ltd to 100) Released: 8-12-11

SSR096 Green Jelly - Live Bootleg Cassette Released: 4-13-13 SOLD OUT

SSR097 Succorbenoth - The Sludgesicle Sessions Cassette (limited to 45) Released: SOLD OUT

SSR098 Fetus Eaters - Manticore c30 (3 versions: white, red, & black) Released:

SSR099 Box Of Noises II: Return Of The Noisebeast (6 Cassette Box Set) Limited to 66. Released:

SSR100 The Brown Noise: A Tribute To Ween Pro-CD (Co-Released with 100% Zero Records)