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I am going to start  posting the email blasts i send in here as well. Here is the one i sent today.....

Hey Sludgesicle fans!
Got some new stuff for the new year for you lucky 31 people that get this email blast of Sludgesicle tastiness. If you go to the downloads page and sign in you will see the first 3 releases I added up a while back and now you will see 3 more old sludgesicle releases for FREE download:

SSR014 The Negro Spirituals/ScheissKopf/Esion 3-way c60

SSR008 "S" Is For Sludgesicle: A Lip Smaking 4-Way featuring Inhumate, Gorgonized Dorks, Asyntax, and Nonsense.

SSR002 Disorganoized Terror 4-Way featuring Causa Mortis, Anal Buffet, THC Eradicus, and The Negro Spirituals.

Also I forgot to mention a release last time and even forgot to add it to the home page....
OUT NOW!!!!!!!.....................SSR089 WELUVPOT - Full Onion Volume 3 Cassette.................OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
Weluvpot - Full Onion Volume 4 will be released on cassette by TrashFuck Records sometime early 2012.

and here is the last email blast.......

It's been a while since i sent out an email blast of releases. Well Sludgesicle fan we got a treat here for you, a nice batch of new releases (well not completely new since these came out over in November and early December):
6-Way CDr of Evil featuring Osteonecrosis, Gorgonized Dorks, Fascist Insect, Deep Fried Embryo, Fun With Dead Things, and Psychotic Sufferance
The OhighO vol. 2 Compilation tape is finally out (Paul thinks I won't get Volume 3 finished til after the armegeddon). This is one hell of a comp full of just shit from here in Ohio.
And now what has to be the longest tape that i have ever released (it's a c100) 50 WAYS TO KILL ME's Fun Funeral album with a nice live show added and the original album remixed and remastered by Mr. Jay Haley himself. This is one tape not to miss out on.
6-Way Noise Shit cassette featuring Fun With Dead Things, Fatal Position, Anal Firth, Disleksick, Gifilte Fist, and Vomiting Shit. Great shit noise split tape sure to please the noiser deep inside your rectum.
I limitly sang for a friend of mines black/death metal band Succorbenoth a few years ago. Out of one of those times we rehearsed i recorded it and this is what came of it. Succorbenoth - The Sludgesicle Sessions cassette.
And lastly a split cdr between Fun With Dead Things and, an old prank call project i did a few years ago with a couple friends, SuperStarSixtySeven or SS67 for short.

Also note we have moved.....

Sludgesicle Records
211 N Broadway
Blanchester, OH 45107

-Mike Sludgesicle

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