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I got some new news for everyone. If you havent been to by last night then you havent seen the new looking website with easy USA and international store with paypal. For money or money order orders youll have to email me still. The whole site has been revamped so be sure to check each page out. If you happen to go down the discography list youll see a shit ton of sold out releases. Wow.

We have a NEW RELEASE that is not to be missed... Cauliflower Ass and Bob/Esion split cassette. CA&B is up to usual great shit for drinkin to. Esion does some real sludgey doom sure to wreck the ears. 40 are made and have specially colored cassettes... Beer on one side and Puke on the other. Not the literal just colored to resemble. Also if you happen to miss this one you can get it from Wheelchair Full Of Old Men on CD-R for eternity of the cosmos, health permiting. $4 postage paid in the USA, $6 rest of the world.

Sludgesicle Records past release is still available (as well as other releases... check the home page) it is a slamming fuckin raw punk EP that will please anyone from the grind scene to the punk scene to the wretched teeny bopper scenesters.... TED DIBIASE AND THE MILLION DOLAR PUNK BAND's First EP on RED Cassettes limited to 100 copies. Also $4 postage paid in the USA, $6 rest of the world. THIS TAPE FUCKING ROCKS BALLS!!! YOU ARE GOING TO WANT BOTH OF THESE I ASSURE YOU!!!

Hahahaha I said "ass". Anyways. Come check out the new looking website and maybe buy something to remember your visit by.

Also COMING SOON to the website once I work out all the kinks as a MEMBERS ONLY page with downloads of the older Sludgesicle Records releases for FREE just for signing up to the emailing list (which you might be part of that 20 of so people, if not please sign up). You will receive an email whenever anything important happens or something is released here at Sludgesicle Records. I wont spam the shit out of you.


-Mike Sludgesicle

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