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The Upsidedown Cross, Full Blown AIDS & Breathilizor show.....

Posted on April 2, 2011 at 1:10 PM

First of all Upsidedown Cross was just Larry Lifeless and Seth Putnam, so it was basicly Angry Hate. It has horribly wonderful. Larry Lifeless is quite the entertainer. But with all due respect he looks like he should be pushing a shopping cart down a New York alley looking for cans.

Full Blown AIDS was as good as i expected. Seth Putnam doesnt have much of a stage presence but shit after as long as he has been playing id expect the luster has wore off a long time ago. But still the music was great. And Paul Kryanak has a great stage presence. And who the drummer was I'm not that sure, but im glad i saw you were behind me getting into your gear before i decided to rip that fart that would have blasted in your face. We had a good laugh about your luck too hahaha. Hope to see you guys play again. Also as a seperate note I picked up the new Anal Cunt CD titled "Fuckin A". I had already heard that it was different than the normal A.C. releases but once i heard it i was to say the least "not impressed". Is Seth getting that old that he is softening up??? Yeah it was still a heavy cd but where is my fuckin GrindNoiseShit??? This cockrock bullshit isnt gonna cut it, I hope this was just a one shot idea for A.C. like "Picnic of Love", but I'd rather see a second "Picnic of Love" than another album like "Fuckin A". Now dont get my words misconstrued, the album is ok, just not the Anal Cunt we have grown to love.

BREATHILIZOR............. I can proudly say I've been to ALL of the Breatilizor shows. All 2 of them. Food and Poopys the ex-Sockeye guys are up to it again. Before it was the punk genre that they retarded up for the mass', now its METAL!!!!!!!!!! I got to hand it to these guys. Real genius goes unheard so often, and that is the case for these guys. If you havent checked out Breathilizor I totally suggest that you do. And if your a fan of Sockeye and you havent heard Breathilizor I'm ashamed of you.

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