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Free download!!!. My NEW grindcore band's 1st EP

Posted on May 1, 2013 at 3:20 AM Comments comments (3)

Stick Your Finger In Your Butt And Smell It - It's A Gas EP ..... FREE Download!!!!!

SYFIYBASI is me and Troll of Succorbenoth/Lilin. 2-piece old school grindcore. There is info available on discogs via


-Mike Sludgesicle

Recent e-mail blast, for those not on the email list...

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Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2013 02:09:09 -0500

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Subject: Should i get this checked out by a doctor?

Whats up MoFo's? I might have had you going there for a minute.

Anyways here is a probably long awaited email blast for those great fans of my shit releases, you. I forgot to announce the release of the GOD THAT'S FUCKING HORRRIBLE compilation cassette on Feb 14th 2013. So here it is now... It's out, come and get it!

In some great news to some of you that might have missed out on the 10-WAY GRIND SPLIT cassette will get another chance. Coming March 2013. Look in the discography section of the website under catalog number SSR024 for information on the line-up as I am too lazy to post it here for you. I am duplicating the tapes as I type this, what more do you want from me???

Also be looking out for the 6x c60 box set BOX OF NOISES II: REVENGE OF THE NOISEBEAST coming maybe March 2013 but before the end of April 2013 for sure.

Also there are some FISTULA cassettes coming up... More into that later.

Added some new stuff to the distro too for those that care.

Talk to you in March 2013.

Attached is the last email i sent out with the new address for sludgesicle records.


Heyyyyyy youuuuu guyyyyyyys!

Sludgesicle Records is back with an all new looking website. Come check the shite out.

Also once i get unpacked from this move from the giant piece of shit house i was living in (that Derek Benjamin of Trichome Noise Records/THC Eradicus was supposed to share with me and my fellow band/roommate the V Machine, long story short Derek fucked us and not in the good way) into this cozy apartment. So everyone the 211 N Broadway address is no longer good but shit will still get forwarded. Soooooo there is a new address...


Blanchester, OH 45107 USA

I will have the "God, thats fucking horrible" Compilation tape ready for the public once its unpacked and finished being put together. So be watching for another email blast to your face with that info.

After that I will have some other random stuff and the Box of Noises 2: Revenge of the Noisebeast, a 6 cassette box set limited to 66 copies coming out soon after. This will feature a full c60 of FOOD FORTUNATA (of sockeye, cauliflower ass and bob, many many many more great shit) wasting a full hour of your time vs 30 minutes in the original first box set. Also a full c60 of the GORGONIZED DORKS!!!!! Lots of other bands on the other tapes. Just be looking for it or be regretting it.

Anyone want to trade? i need to get rid of a bulk of current Sludgesicle releases to make way for the 2013 releases. Or if anyone wants bulk for cheap of whats available now hit me up.

Coming soon... Unnecessary Sidekick Productions.

Find me on facebook too and help me terrorize the masses.

-Mike Sludgesicle

PLEASE READ concerning the tornado in joplin missouri and stan from reality impaired records.

Posted on June 20, 2011 at 5:59 PM Comments comments (1)




Ok, I am attempting to update and inform everyone at once,of our plans, current state-of-mind, and the tornado that ravaged Joplin on May 22nd. Please post this on your facebook and myspace pages and forward it to people so everyone who is interested can read it . So much devastation over the many people dead or horribly injured...


And my room was intact after the tornado, everything on the shelves. How am I supposed to feel boxing up cds while outside the window they are searching for bodies?? And especially since Karrie's room is GONE, no walls, nothing. She lost just about all of her precious things. I know that I am doing something right and will continue with this underground music thing for the rest of my life. Some of my best friends are in this community, and it's good to get so much support from everyone.




It was a normal Sunday night, I had just arrived home and our friend Ryan from Utah was in town just stopping by for the evening (perfect timing, huh?) The sirens came on outside and we turned on the TV to watch the news and radar. The tornado was starting to form. We knew how close it was, since the TV stations are just down the street. The newscasters became more and more serious, saying "You might want to take cover" and escallating into nearly screaming "TAKE COVER NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!!" The power went out, we took cover in an interior hallway, with our 2 cats and with couch-cusions over our heads......and it hit. We could hear glass breaking and the house being torn-apart, I kept repeating "Why is this taking so long?" It seemed like forever It was 20 minutes. Much longer than it should have been. Then when it was over, we walked into the street to see the town in shambles. It was horrifying. To imagine the devastaion, go outside and face North. Think about what is one mile (or kilometer, which is slightly longer than 1 mile.),what landmarks are there, etc. Then face East and picture SIX MILES. Square it out in your head and imagine it ALL obliterated.



This was an EF5 tornado, in other words, the biggest. Only 1 in 1,000 tornados become this big, and when they do, they usually travel at 40-50 miles per hour. This one travelled at 20 mph !!!! So it just sat and destroyed with 200 mph winds indide of it. This was the most damage caused by a SINGLE TORNADO in usa history. More debris scattered than the twin towers. To put it in terms that the Californians will understand, this was San Fransisco 1906.

This was THE BIG ONE. We were fortunate to survive. One block from us, the houses were levelled. There was a big oak tree in our front yard which was TWISTED off the stump. Not uprooted, but TWISTED OFF!! And the big steel dumpster from McDonald's was thrown over 500 feet into our back yard. Papers from Joplin have been found over Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana.

PTSD This is a real thing that everyone here is going through. We are all walking around like zombies. Good thing we didn't go to California right away after the tornado, since no one outside this town can understand what we have been through. I go into a store in another part of town and people can see the trauma in my eyes and go out of their way to be helpful. Then I will see it on other people's faces and know they must have lost their houses too. 2,000 buildings were destroyed, 8,000 buildings were damaged. We have seen emergency councillors at the Red Cross, and were told we need to get more councilling soon. We are suffering 2 different traumas, living through that thing and then walking out to see the destruction, and at the time not knowing how far it extended.



Soon we will go to California to be with Karrie's family, then we will go to Salt Lake City to get an apartment set-up. Then we are going on a road-trip over the summer to see our friends and family around the country. Then on to Utah again for the winter. Anyone that wishes to help us out can do so by sending stamps so I can get Reality Impaired up and going again this winter. Or by sending anything to help us on the road over the summer. The PO Box is still good. Stan Boman, PO Box 1285, Joplin, MO, 64802, usa. Thanx so much to everyone that has helped us out and been supportive! You rule!!! - More later. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stan

The Upsidedown Cross, Full Blown AIDS & Breathilizor show.....

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First of all Upsidedown Cross was just Larry Lifeless and Seth Putnam, so it was basicly Angry Hate. It has horribly wonderful. Larry Lifeless is quite the entertainer. But with all due respect he looks like he should be pushing a shopping cart down a New York alley looking for cans.

Full Blown AIDS was as good as i expected. Seth Putnam doesnt have much of a stage presence but shit after as long as he has been playing id expect the luster has wore off a long time ago. But still the music was great. And Paul Kryanak has a great stage presence. And who the drummer was I'm not that sure, but im glad i saw you were behind me getting into your gear before i decided to rip that fart that would have blasted in your face. We had a good laugh about your luck too hahaha. Hope to see you guys play again. Also as a seperate note I picked up the new Anal Cunt CD titled "Fuckin A". I had already heard that it was different than the normal A.C. releases but once i heard it i was to say the least "not impressed". Is Seth getting that old that he is softening up??? Yeah it was still a heavy cd but where is my fuckin GrindNoiseShit??? This cockrock bullshit isnt gonna cut it, I hope this was just a one shot idea for A.C. like "Picnic of Love", but I'd rather see a second "Picnic of Love" than another album like "Fuckin A". Now dont get my words misconstrued, the album is ok, just not the Anal Cunt we have grown to love.

BREATHILIZOR............. I can proudly say I've been to ALL of the Breatilizor shows. All 2 of them. Food and Poopys the ex-Sockeye guys are up to it again. Before it was the punk genre that they retarded up for the mass', now its METAL!!!!!!!!!! I got to hand it to these guys. Real genius goes unheard so often, and that is the case for these guys. If you havent checked out Breathilizor I totally suggest that you do. And if your a fan of Sockeye and you havent heard Breathilizor I'm ashamed of you.

Some new projects for 2011!!!

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there are some new releases that were just agreed upon that your not gonna want to miss,

first off sludgesicle will be rereleasing SOCKEYE's first release "Red Salmon" as a pro-cdr. this will be the full 60 minute release instead of the 30 min cdr that food of sockeye/wheelchair full of old men did a long time ago as a rerelease.

speaking of the sockeye guys im also going to be doing a Fossil Fuel lathe cut 7". the a side will be all newly recorded material and the b side will be a new track performed live on feb 27th 2010 called "gauge out my ballsack".

also there will finally be a 7" release for drunk john lennon's cover of devo's "mongoloid" b/w another devo cover "uncontrollable urge". super limited to 69 copies. definately one not to be missed. expect this one to go quickly since the drunk john lennon/50 ways to kill me split tape sold out in under 2 weeks.

also go to to download the 2 hour radio show that was on wcsb cleveland with special guest food fortunata (sockeye/wheelchair full of old men) and also me, stan of reality impaired records, jake of seasonal mens wear, and god from sluggisha.

more news: the poopy necroponde 40th birthday show dvdr will be released on feb 27th 2011 (1 yr from the original show). there will be a release party at now thats class on march 3rd with rare live performances from UPSIDEDOWN CROSS (ex-Kilslug and ex-Anal Cunt members), Full Blown AIDS (one of seth putnam from anal cunt's bands) and BREATHILIZOR (food and poopy of sockeye). and of course sludgesicle records will be there running the merch table.

New SOCKEYE for X-Mess and coming 2011

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the new sockeye 7" came out x-mess day. it has 3 covers and 3 colors - pink, lemon lime, and black n blue. 100 of each color. you can also pick up a copy from food, poopy, mortville records, or 100% zero records.


coming for 2011 is poopy's 40th birthday dvd. 100 are being made on plain dvd-r's with a real nice cardstock sleeve with an insert and maybe some other special extras, we'll see.

November 25th the coming of a new Sludgesicle Records...

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November 25th brings an end to the hiatus that i was on. With the ending of this hiatus also brings us a bunch of  new releases. As well as some further progressing in some of the older releases that never got finished. Those are getting tied up and worked on. Sludgesicle is also branching off into other medias and is expanding beyond just tapes, cds, and vinyl. There are future plans for a zine, some pro-printed sludgesicle shirts, and a dvd.

The Sockeye "Beefing Ting Ting EP" 7 inch will hopefully be out by X-mess time. Thanks for everyones patience. And special thanks to Butt

Socrates and 100% Zero Records. Check him out at he's got a lot of great stuff and great releases.

Other changes will be the lack of information on MySpace due to the shitty new design. All it will be used for is communication with bands and/or sales, etc. Im not going to take the time to update 2 sites (here and there). All up to date info will be here.

New News

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I am going to start  posting the email blasts i send in here as well. Here is the one i sent today.....

Hey Sludgesicle fans!
Got some new stuff for the new year for you lucky 31 people that get this email blast of Sludgesicle tastiness. If you go to the downloads page and sign in you will see the first 3 releases I added up a while back and now you will see 3 more old sludgesicle releases for FREE download:

SSR014 The Negro Spirituals/ScheissKopf/Esion 3-way c60

SSR008 "S" Is For Sludgesicle: A Lip Smaking 4-Way featuring Inhumate, Gorgonized Dorks, Asyntax, and Nonsense.

SSR002 Disorganoized Terror 4-Way featuring Causa Mortis, Anal Buffet, THC Eradicus, and The Negro Spirituals.

Also I forgot to mention a release last time and even forgot to add it to the home page....
OUT NOW!!!!!!!.....................SSR089 WELUVPOT - Full Onion Volume 3 Cassette.................OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
Weluvpot - Full Onion Volume 4 will be released on cassette by TrashFuck Records sometime early 2012.

and here is the last email blast.......

It's been a while since i sent out an email blast of releases. Well Sludgesicle fan we got a treat here for you, a nice batch of new releases (well not completely new since these came out over in November and early December):
6-Way CDr of Evil featuring Osteonecrosis, Gorgonized Dorks, Fascist Insect, Deep Fried Embryo, Fun With Dead Things, and Psychotic Sufferance
The OhighO vol. 2 Compilation tape is finally out (Paul thinks I won't get Volume 3 finished til after the armegeddon). This is one hell of a comp full of just shit from here in Ohio.
And now what has to be the longest tape that i have ever released (it's a c100) 50 WAYS TO KILL ME's Fun Funeral album with a nice live show added and the original album remixed and remastered by Mr. Jay Haley himself. This is one tape not to miss out on.
6-Way Noise Shit cassette featuring Fun With Dead Things, Fatal Position, Anal Firth, Disleksick, Gifilte Fist, and Vomiting Shit. Great shit noise split tape sure to please the noiser deep inside your rectum.
I limitly sang for a friend of mines black/death metal band Succorbenoth a few years ago. Out of one of those times we rehearsed i recorded it and this is what came of it. Succorbenoth - The Sludgesicle Sessions cassette.
And lastly a split cdr between Fun With Dead Things and, an old prank call project i did a few years ago with a couple friends, SuperStarSixtySeven or SS67 for short.

Also note we have moved.....

Sludgesicle Records
211 N Broadway
Blanchester, OH 45107

-Mike Sludgesicle

NEW News NEW News NEW News

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I got some new news for everyone. If you havent been to by last night then you havent seen the new looking website with easy USA and international store with paypal. For money or money order orders youll have to email me still. The whole site has been revamped so be sure to check each page out. If you happen to go down the discography list youll see a shit ton of sold out releases. Wow.

We have a NEW RELEASE that is not to be missed... Cauliflower Ass and Bob/Esion split cassette. CA&B is up to usual great shit for drinkin to. Esion does some real sludgey doom sure to wreck the ears. 40 are made and have specially colored cassettes... Beer on one side and Puke on the other. Not the literal just colored to resemble. Also if you happen to miss this one you can get it from Wheelchair Full Of Old Men on CD-R for eternity of the cosmos, health permiting. $4 postage paid in the USA, $6 rest of the world.

Sludgesicle Records past release is still available (as well as other releases... check the home page) it is a slamming fuckin raw punk EP that will please anyone from the grind scene to the punk scene to the wretched teeny bopper scenesters.... TED DIBIASE AND THE MILLION DOLAR PUNK BAND's First EP on RED Cassettes limited to 100 copies. Also $4 postage paid in the USA, $6 rest of the world. THIS TAPE FUCKING ROCKS BALLS!!! YOU ARE GOING TO WANT BOTH OF THESE I ASSURE YOU!!!

Hahahaha I said "ass". Anyways. Come check out the new looking website and maybe buy something to remember your visit by.

Also COMING SOON to the website once I work out all the kinks as a MEMBERS ONLY page with downloads of the older Sludgesicle Records releases for FREE just for signing up to the emailing list (which you might be part of that 20 of so people, if not please sign up). You will receive an email whenever anything important happens or something is released here at Sludgesicle Records. I wont spam the shit out of you.


-Mike Sludgesicle